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Dear God,

Why does Santa Claus bring presents on Christmas day?

Jimmy McDougal
Dear Jimmy,

This is a complex concept with many important facets, but I will get straight to the point. Christmas is a very important holiday for the economies of capitalist nations because of all the presents that Santa Claus has to buy, primarily for humans belonging to middle and upper class families in the United States and other western countries.

Corporations and their media puppets are instrumental in promoting this holiday, even at the expense of losing sight of the real meaning of Christmas (which, by the way, is not to celebrate worldly possessions. . . quite the contrary, but I digress). Satan Claus, er. . . I mean Santa Claus, delivers them on Christmas Day because the corporations found that they could join forces to effectively and efficiently target and win over a large demographic (Christians) through a rather simple but ingenius merger of commerce and religion.

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